Working with District Attorney Jackie Lacey – What a WOW!

Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey with Sarah WeintraubI had the great privilege of interviewing and filming Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey. I have never been politically inclined, but after spending time with this incredible woman I am signing up to be part of her task force. We were there on behalf of the Aleph Institute to film a special message for the opening segment of the program I produced for the 2015 Aleph Institute Gala. The event was entitled Heroes of Hope. Jackie Lacey is a true hero. She is heading up a group of leaders from different agencies focused on expanding diversion programs. Like she so articulately expressed in the video, “the use of jails as a mental health ward is inefficient, ineffective and in many cases inhumane.”

She is putting a headlight on this issue and making it a personal crusade. She wanted to congratulate Aleph on their work in this arena, specifically Project Tikvah, and is delighted to be partnering with them to try to solve these issues.

Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey being interviewed by Sarah Weintraub

I went with my team downtown and Jackie’s staff welcomed us with open arms. Jackie’s commitment to Los Angeles is apparent in every regard. She was warm, welcoming, prepared, and so engaging. I can’t wait to go back!

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