A Board Development Success Story

Over the past few months, I have been working with a non-profit on expanding and energizing its Board. Our work together transformed the Board from interested, honored members to effective, dynamic ambassadors to the community.

Given the success, I was approached to produce the organization’s annual flagship event. In the past, this event has had limited impact. I encouraged the Board and Executive Director to rethink their approach, reframe their vision, and re-engage their audience in a new way.

Not Just Business As Usual…

Despite limited time and resources, we completely revamped the evening. We replaced long boring speeches with relevant programming, including the video linked below. This simple video was shown during the event to praise the honorees, and to educate and inspire the audience.

The Impact

The event highlighted the organization’s importance, value and relevance to the community. Long-standing supporters felt, for the first time, a renewed energy and commitment to the organization. The feedback from first-timers was: “How do I get involved?” A success on all fronts.

SWP: The Bottom Line

Every event, every communication, every meeting presents an opportunity to tell a story that resonates. Make it passionate; make it relevant; make it impactful.

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